8 paid iPhone apps on sale for giveaway right now

If we adore removing paid iPhone and iPad apps for giveaway — and we know we do — really check out Wednesday’s roundup, where you’ll find a series of sales that haven’t nonetheless ended. Of course, there are also 8 uninformed apps on sale in today’s list, and you’ll find them all laid out below.

These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been finished accessible for giveaway for a singular time by their developers. There is no approach to tell how prolonged they will be free. These sales could finish an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, a usually thing we can pledge is that they were giveaway during a time this post was written. If we click on a couple and see a cost listed subsequent to an app instead of a word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If we download a app, we will be charged.

Data Widget

Normally $1.99.

Apple Watch is upheld now!

The initial iOS information widget, a singular suitable is all!

It takes a artistic pattern named double progress, that brings time and information in one elementary diagram. You can see all during a peek .

Compatible with all conduit networks!

Real-time monitoring,history.

Green App: no expenditure data, no GPS, no ads

Download Data Widget

System Info

Normally $1.99.

The App that we contingency have!

Download System Info


Normally $0.99.

Invest in yourself by building new habits and augmenting your self-worth any day.

Similar to an investment account, your value will be practiced with any finished or missed day and additionally with any grown habit.
To rise a robe we contingency finish it for 66 days out of a final 70, and in time, with calm and persistence, we will feel like a million.

• Add an motivational design and write down because we wish to rise a habit, and you’ll be reminded in box we “forget”.

• Track a metrics for any robe to keep yourself encouraged and always aiming higher.

• To get we started any day, you’ll be greeted by an inspirational quote.

• Earn additional value by behaving incidentally suggested daily ventures, that are guaranteed to make a disproportion in your day or that of others.

• Share your swell in character or entice a partner to keep lane of your swell on comparison habits and motivate any other with rewards.

Are we prepared to deposit in yourself?

Download Selfism

Bean’s Quest

Normally $2.99.

“An iOS platformer that indeed works.” ~ Penny Arcade

“…offering a outrageous volume of replay value and an altogether stellar presentation.” ~ Touch Arcade

Enjoy platforming soundness on a go! Five worlds to try with 3 achievements per stage! Bean’s Quest is a beautiful 2D platformer with a twist!

% Supports a new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!
% Universal app plays on both iPhone and iPad!
% iCloud support. Your swell will sojourn in-sync between mixed devices!
% Five singular worlds to conquer!
% Over 150 hurdles to complete.
% Game Center Leaderboards integrated.
% Incredible soundtrack with over 10 strange pieces of music!

~~ STORY ~~

Emilio has been accursed and his partner kidnapped! Transformed by dim sorcery into a jumping bean, we contingency rebound your approach to feat by 50 levels widespread over 5 worlds. Can we rescue your one loyal adore and find your blank pet axolotls?

Bean’s Quest brings behind retro platforming to your iPhone or iPad with super discerning controls; hold left or hold right – it’s so simple!


“An iOS platformer that indeed works.” ~ Penny Arcade
“…offering a outrageous volume of replay value and an altogether stellar presentation.” ~ Touch Arcade
“One of a best games on a iOS platform, hands-down.” ~ iPhoneAlley
“The graphics are ideally vibrant, and have usually adequate of that 16-bit epoch pixely-ness to them though going overboard. The strange soundtrack by Flashygoodness is an glorious pairing, and a controls work great…” ~ TouchArcade
“The graphics are fun, colorful, and a provide to demeanour at.” ~ AppAdvice

Awarded MMGN’s App of a Week.


Beautiful 16-bit stylised design fills each theatre with a liquid 60 frames per second. Older hardware is also supported. Shimmering diamonds, stimulating special effects and pointed parallax cap in a mesmerising view!

~~ MUSIC ~~

Each universe has a singular soundtrack by acclaimed composer Flashygoodness.


Push blocks, spin seesaws, hurl boulders, vanquish enemies and evasion spike-balls! Classic platforming blended with production puzzles and darling creatures.


Every theatre is jam packaged with wealth to collect. A guy’s gotta warn his lady when he rescues her, right?


The immorality sorceress who accursed we also kidnapped your pet axolotls – brutal! There’s one dark in each stage, lane them down if we can!


Every theatre has a ideal burst count. Make it to a finish discerning adequate and you’ll acquire a ideal burst badge!

Download Bean’s Quest


Normally $2.99.

Strand is a ideal approach to save your thoughts, snippets, and ideas.

Everything good starts out small. Sometimes, we usually need a place to jot down a discerning suspicion or square of information, and this is what Strand does best. Unlike other note-taking apps, that are too complicated with features, Strand is a ideal starting place where we can fast and simply form anything we need or wish to remember later. Add photos, and move your ideas to life in an app that is easy to easy, clean, and elegant.

You could use Strand for things like:

• Microblogging or gripping a tiny journal
• Jotting down your subsequent large idea
• Storing small information we might need later.
• Typing thoughts or reminders to yourself
• And much, most more.

With Strand, your information is saved to a cloud, and accessible on all your iOS devices. Be certain to give Strand a try today!

Download Strand

Weatherproof Dress

Normally $0.99.

Many have been watchful on this app safely. It shows we not usually a continue though also what we can wear. Any continue a app has a suitable clothing. Whether in a low winter, prohibited summer or on a stormy day. The app knows what we can attract.
The continue forecasts operation from a stream condition over a march of a day to a 7 day forecast.
The wardrobe preview can be blending in skin and hair color.

Download Weatherproof Dress


Normally $0.99.

Life is a absolute to-do list diversion app that rewards we for completing tasks. Your course in a diversion is directly contingent on things that we do in genuine life.

Actionable reminders
Since so many of a reminders we set on a phone are about things that we have to ‘do on a phone’, Life allows we to set actionable reminders. Got a sign presentation to ‘Pay a phone bill’? usually slip to go to a website. ‘Call mom for cheese cake recipe’? usually slip a presentation to call. Works with Calling, messaging, Email and URL links.

Unified absolute list
All tasks and reminders are one in one singular categorical list that can be as large as probable though a information we need is still now reachable with an innovative arrange and corkscrew slider that takes we to a tasks we need.

Independent lists can also be combined that seem as a singular entrance in a categorical list and can be sorted along all other tasks.

A lot of to-do apps in a appstore confusion your list with finished tasks that we are not certain we wish to delete. With a singular lift adult of a list, repository all your your finished tasks be it sublists, actionable tasks, reminders or usually plain list items. When we need them behind simply suitable them behind into your categorical list.

All a tough work we do by a day completing tasks on your list are rewarded as points that are used in a game. Use points to strategise attacks on visitor filthy continents of earth while handling defenses, resources, economy and your fighters as aliens conflict back. The some-more things we get finished in genuine life, a faster we get absolved of a visitor invasion.

Download Life


Normally $0.99.

Be an electronic Georges Seurat!

The Pointillisted app generates pointillist design regulating images from a Photo Library, including those common in iCloud, identical to a print mosaic generating app Patched.

Generated images can be customized by distance and form of indicate (rectangle, circle, triangle, and hexagon), distance practiced to color, and opposite in location. Single colors can be removed in an image. Save design to a Photo Library and share by customary services: duplicating to a pasteboard, posting to amicable media sites, and promulgation around email or SMS.

To spin pointillist design into a gummy note mosaic, download a sister app, Posted.

Download Pointillisted